About Shout Pictures

Shout is a small, family run library that specialises in the work of the emergency services including fire, police and ambulance. We also shoot trauma and medical procedures in hospitals including surgery, day units, emergency rooms (ER) and midwifery.

Our work is very unique due to the fact that we are allowed to travel in the emergency vehicles to incidents and work alongside the rescue crews as they perform their duties.

Over the years we have been on call and attended numerous road traffic accidents (RTA) involving cars, lorries, trains and even cars driven into houses and shops, fires ranging from house and industrial, explosions to terrorism incidents such as the 1996 Docklands bombing. We have recorded heart attack victims being attended to by paramedics on the street, being on patrol with the British army and RUC in Northern Ireland, operated alongside helicopter air ambulance crews and documented waterbirths.

There is one condition pertaining to every image in the Shout library and it must be adhered to: all pictures must only be used to illustrate the subject in a positive manner.

Please read applicable Terms & Conditions

Please contact us if you have a specific request or need our photographic service for you or your company.

Due to the sensitive nature of the images, much of our site is password protected and not reachable with a search. Contact us if you don't find what you are looking for.